IG Schiffsmodellbau & SMC Uetersen
  About Us...
About us...
At the Meeting of the IG Schiffsmodellbau in February 2017 as well as at the annual general meeting of the SMC Uetersen in March 2017, both organizations decided to cooperate closely together in the future and to organize events together.
The interest group consists of Boats Elmshorn model enthusiast who are dedicated mainly to the Boats, but do not want to subject to the constraints of club life. We want to pursue, without financial penalty of contributions to our hobby. The most important feature of the IG, we see the mutual support in Model and other problems. Therefore, met on 18 August 1989 a handful of model makers to create this thread to life, in implementation of their ideas. Over the years, but other types of models have kept on our feeder. As an example I would mention the truck model and the cardboard model.

Meet at the lake in Elmshorner Steindamm Park. At the instigation of our then first chairman of the town of Elmshorn the unique bridge systems have been created, we can use for our hobby.
Here we meet every Sunday and holiday of the core hours shoveling 10 bis to 12 clock. The tempting "Klönschnack" we enjoy our hobby and welcome any like-minded people who want to sail with us.
In the local
Auszeit am See", we meet every 2nd Saturday of each month at 17:00 clock to discuss planned activities or just to chat with friends. Guests have an interest in the ship building or on the IG itself are welcome.
The operation of models with internal combustion engines is not allowed on the lake!
All ship models are shown on this website, except for the stand and cardboard models, with radio control. By clicking on the small preview images with the left mouse button leads directly to the page.
All ship models are shown on this website are for other than I will give you more pictures of the models in original resolution available.
All pictures of this Web site were, (unless otherwise stated) taken by me and subject to my copyright!